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5 Best Web Hosting Companies of 2014

Below are the top 5 best web hosting companies of 2014. These companies were chosen from the overall average of highest customer satisfaction ratings and by reputation among web hosting review websites. In our guide, How to Get Online, we recommend Web Hosting Hub because it is great for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s definitely one of the best web hosting companies. However, there are a lot of other ones out there.  Here are the top web hosts that we would recommend:

GRADE Web Host Price Recommended For: Customer Reviews
A+ InMotion Hosting $4.19/mo Business & high performance web hosting Web Host Rating Read Review
A+ Web Hosting Hub $3.99/mo All-In-One, do-it-yourself web hosting Web Host Rating Read Review
A- iPage $1.89/mo Cheap hosting for personal use & blogs Web Host Rating Read Review
A- GreenGeeks $4.95/mo Small & medium sized businesses Web Host Rating Read Review
B+ HostGator $3.96/mo General purpose web hosting Web Host Rating Read Review



iPage Hosting Review

iPage – Best for Personal Use & Blogs

iPage is a very popular web host known for its low cost and feature rich web hosting. iPage is often awarded as a top web hosting company on independent review websites because of its high customer satisfaction rate and easy to use web hosting. With one of the easiest and most user-friendly control panels, iPage contains a variety of tools for customers to easily modify and maintain their web hosting account. With numerous web hosting features and a low cost plan, iPage is a good web host for individuals and small businesses on a tight budget. 
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iPage is recommended for personal websites & blogs.

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Web Hosting Hub Hosting Review

Web Hosting Hub – Best for Making Your Own Website

Web Hosting Hub is another well-known and respected web hosting company on the internet. They offer quality web hosting services for small business websites. Their shared hosting plans are perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for affordable and reliable web hosting. Web Hosting Hub is also easy to use and is great for making your own website. All in all, Web Hosting Hub is a trusted web host and is a solid choice for individuals and businesses looking for an affordable and reliable way to host their website. 
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Hub is recommended for entrepreneurs & small businesses.

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InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Hosting – Best for Business Websites

InMotion Hosting is a trusted web host that offers high performance web hosting for thousands of professional businesses worldwide. InMotion Hosting has the highest level of customer satisfaction between webmasters & web hosting review websites. While more expensive than others, InMotion Hosting provides higher performance and more reliable web hosting than its leading competitors. InMotion Hosting is recommended for those who manage a business website and need a host that will work properly under heavy loads of traffic. 
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InMotion Hosting is recommended for all business websites.

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GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks – Best for All-Purpose

GreenGeeks is a newer web hosting company founded in Los Angeles that provides high performance, eco-friendly web hosting to their customers. They are rapidly growing in popularity and currently host over 100,000 websites throughout 150 different countries. Web hosting with them is incredibly easy to use and is great for beginners who are looking to host their website for the first time. With a simple and user friendly control panel, customers can easily manage their web hosting account to set up a website, email, shopping cart, and blog.
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GreenGeeks is recommended for small & medium sized businesses.

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HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator – Best for All-Purpose

Hostgator is a well-known web host with years of experience & recognition in the web hosting world. They’ve got a large base of customers that both love & hate them, but mostly love them. HostGator offers a variety of plans suitable for any website, which makes them a great, all-purpose web host. HostGator is a bit pricey, but has lower pricing with longer term plans, such as the 3 year. They also have solid performance and features. Love them or hate them, HostGator continues to lead the way as one of the largest web hosts on the market.
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HostGator is recommended for all-purpose hosting.

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HostMetro Web Hosting

HostMetro – Best for Cheap cPanel Hosting

HostMetro is another great choice for affordable web hosting. They offer low cost and reliable shared hosting plans that are perfect for individuals and small business owners. HostMetro is less known than many of the other brand-named web hosts, like Go Daddy, HostGator, and Bluehost, but ultimately offers better pricing and matching performance. HostMetro also offers a price lock guarantee, which means their costs won’t go up when it comes time for renewal. HostMetro use cPanel and is a good alternative to iPage, which uses vDeck.
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HostMetro is recommended for webmasters on a budget.

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Understanding the Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting is a required service for anyone who wants to have a website. It basically puts your website on a server and makes it viewable on the internet.  This service is sold by a web hosting provider and can vary in price depending on the size and type of your website. Most small businesses and individuals require a shared hosting plan for their website which usually costs around $5 per month. In addition to web hosting, you will also need to register a domain name, which can usually be done through your web host or a domain name registrar. A domain name costs around $10 per year.

When looking to purchase a web hosting plan, it is important to choose the right type of web hosting. Web hosting is generally broken down and sold according to these different types:

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting
A shared hosting plan is the most popular type for hosting a website. It’s very practical and affordable, which makes it a perfect choice for individuals & small business owners. We don’t want to get too technical, but a shared hosting account is basically hosted on a server that shares its resources (CPU, RAM, etc) among many different clients. Learn more

VPS Hosting

VPS web hosting
A VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting account is an intermediary option between a shared and dedicated plan.  Basically it offers better performance for larger websites that have outgrown a shared hosting account. A VPS server is partitioned into several “virtual” servers which leads to better performance along with various other benefits. Learn more

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting
A dedicated web hosting plan is primarily meant for large businesses that require the full power of an entire server. Some large websites may even require multiple servers. This is the most expensive option, but also provides the best performance and security. Every user is given a server which can be installed and customized according their needs. Learn more